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Building Personal Brand

There’s a lot of people have this misconception about what a personal brand is but all we mean. When we say building a personal brand is talking about your reputation and your body of work we’re not in an era where you can say your work will speak for itself it’s too noisy you need to stand up for your work you need to yell about your work.

If you’re proud of it otherwise you’re leaving people at the mercy of your loudest competitor so today I’m gonna walk you through how you can build your personal brand in 2019 and how you can market yourself without feeling like a scumbag.

Building Personal Branding

Let’s get into it hey everybody this is a blog post helping you create something awesome say welcome back to the channel for the new people first of all welcome. First of all, Im Jon Ng  i’m a creative entrepreneur public speaker I built my personal brand in social media built a coaching business around that and today I want to teach you how you can build your personal brand and be much more effective so I’m gonna break down some very simple things for you that you can do that’s gonna give you a lot more reach make you much more competitive in the market and help you showcase the amazing work that you’re doing.

Let’s talk about your body of work and your reputation let’s get started there I think one of the things that is taken for granted is how many executions it takes to sell somebody on your ability and your expertise no matter how many years you’ve been at your craft at the end of the day what is respected is how many executions you have under your belt as well as the quality of them so if you think about how much work you’ve done and you were gonna curate the top 10% of those results well how much work does that come out to you if you’ve only done you know 50 pieces of art or you’ve only written 50 articles then the top 10% is looking rather thin and I’m not telling you that you need to do quantity over quality it is a balance of both and quality is also subjective it’s in the eye of the beholder.

I am a fan of making sure that you have enough depth in your body of work to represent that you are experienced and that you’ve been executing well for a long period of time assuming that that’s true if you’re a beginner then you need to broaden your experience as much as possible because even if you’ve only been at something let’s say two or three years the number of executions you’ve done in those two or three years might merit you being able to say that you are a very strong practitioner if not an expert or a master so kind of keep that in mind now let’s talk about reputation because it’s often not what you know it is who you know your network is your net worth those things might just sound trite to you or like marketing speak but it you and I probably both know people who got where they were partly on their relationships and there is nothing wrong with that you just need to be willing to play the game and this isn’t limited to your digital footprint online many of you could stand to start doing more local events and getting to know people in your community and drumming up referral business there are too many of you that are not engaging with your local small business association or even the local tourism board there are so many opportunities for you if you would just take this step and that’s not even an online or digital media or social media thing for those of you who are so reluctant and so resistant to online marketing this is being boots on the ground and this is being part of your actual community.

Now with that in mind I do think you should do online network and I do think you should increase your digital footprint and those relationships by participating in online communities and also looking into platforms like LinkedIn Twitter and Facebook groups as well as online forums and possibly even read it now that’s outreach.

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